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Opening hours May-September:

Mondays to Fridays 10-18, Saturdays 10-14,  Sundays and public holidays  14-17.

Midsummer 2019 opening hours:
– please kindly note there is no guided tours during the following dates: 

Friday. June 21st at 10-14
Saturday, June 22nd at 14-17 and
Sunday, June 23rd at 14-17.

Opening hours October-April:
Tuesdays to Saturdays 10-14, Sundays and public holidays 14-16.

Please note: Porvoo Cathedral is a sacred place. The opening hours and guided tour times may change in case of church services or other events.

It is now possible to get to know the Porvoo Cathedral virtually in 3D-format. Step inside the cathedral here!

The Cathedral is also found online at Citynomadi,  where you can take a virtual tour inside the Cathedral and on the Cathedral grounds. You can use Citynomadi online, or download their app called Nomadi to your phone or tablet. The tour is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Guided tours of the Porvoo Cathedral in summer
Guided tours of Porvoo Cathedral are held on weekdays from Monday to Friday during Jun 3-Aug 30, 2019 at 10.15 am, 12.15 pm, 1.30 pm, 3.15 pm and 5.15 pm.  Porvoo Cathedral has own summer guide. All the other guidings must take place outside the Cathedral.

The tour times may change in case of other events or church services. Guided tours are aimed for individual visitors.

The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Porvoo

is comprised of two local parishes; one Finnish and one Swedish-speaking parish. Together these two parishes form an administrative and economic entity.



The two parishes produce a large number of activities and services for their members and for the inhabitants and visitors of Porvoo. Many of the services are produced centralized by the Federation. Such services include family counselling, hospital chaplains and religious services at hospitals, burial services and maintenance of the churches and other premises.



The parishes are governed by their vicars, together with the parish council. In the Federation of Parishes, the highest decisive power is wielded by the joint Church Council and the Church Board elected and appointed by the Council. Members of the Church Council and Board are elected in a parish election held every four years. All parish members over the age of 16 have the right to vote in parish elections.

The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran congregations has the right to levy taxes on its members. Other income comprises, among others, service charges and rent proceeds. The largest single expenditure item is personnel costs. The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Porvoo employs currently 138 people.


The majority of Finnish people are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. In practice, this means that they are members of the parish of their own residential area.

A person wishing to join the Evangelical Lutheran Church must have a Finnish social security number and a place of domicile in Finland. It’s not necessary to be a Finnish national. A person cannot belong to any other religious community at the same time so you must resign from a possible previous religious community before joining.

Parishes and the Federation offer a number of services, the majority of them are completely free of charge. Even the services that do have a cost are clearly cheaper than their actual cost. The following services, among other things, are offered:




An infant becomes a member of the church. At least one of the child’s parents must be a member of the Evangelical Lutheran church. An infant should preferably be baptised within six weeks of birth. You can settle the time and place of baptism at the parish office. The office clerk will give you the name of the vicar on duty who will visit you before the baptism so that you can discuss the details of the baptism.


A couple wishing to marry must undergo an investigation of possible obstacles before the marriage can take place. The investigation can be carried out by the parish office if at least one of the persons intending to marry is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran parishes in Porvoo.


Family Counselling

The Counselling Centre for Family Matters offers professional counselling and support on issues related to relationships, family, and other private matters. The counselling sessions can be attended individually, as a couple, or as a family.

The counselling is confidential and free of charge and is available for those living in Porvoo, Askola, Lapinjärvi, Loviisa, Myrskylä, Mäntsälä or Pornainen.

Hospital chaplaincy

Hospital chaplains work among the patients and their relatives and the hospital staff in the hospitals and care homes in Porvoo. In their work the hospital chaplains are committed to confidentiality and to respecting the convictions of each and every person.


To reserve a grave plot or a chapel for a burial or sign a grave tending agreement, please contact the parish office/burial services office.

For further information and/or booking a pastor or a church, please contact the parish office.

For further information and for booking a pastor, church, marriage, baptism, burial etc. please contact:

The parish offices
Lundinkatu 5, 2nd floor, 06100 Porvoo Map
Opening hours Monday-Friday at 9.00-13.00
E-mail: kirkkoherranvirasto.porvoo(at)evl.fi (Finnish, Porvoon suomalainen seurakunta) and/or borga.domkyrkoforsamling(at)evl.fi (Swedish, Borgå svenska domkyrkoförsamling)
Fax:  (019) 583 487
Tel. (019) 661 1213, 661 1214, 661 1215 (Finnish, porvoon suomalainen seurakunta), (019) 661 1223, 661 1224 (Swedish, Borgå svenska domkyrkoförsamling)

Priest on duty

you can talk with the priest confidentially about anything that may be pressing your mind, Monday to Friday at 9.00-13.00, tel. (019) 661 1212





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